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Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University
Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science

Welcome To The

Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science

About Department 

Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science (DOCFS) was established in June 2018, under the Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University, Junagadh, a state university of Government of Gujarat (India). The department offers Post graduation and Ph.D. programme in Chemical Sciences.


Head of Department


Dr. Atul H. Bapodara

Professor & Head
Qualification :- M.Sc.,Ph.D. FICS, FICCE
Email :-

Faculty of Department


Dr. Naval P. Kapuriya

Associate Professor
Qualification :- M.Sc., Ph.D.,  Post-doctorate.
Email :-


Dr. Mrunal Ambasana

Assistant  Professor
Qualification :- M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Jasmin Bhalodiya

Assistant Professor
Qualification :- M.Sc., Ph.D.
Email :-

Dr. Rashmi Patel

Assistant Professor
Qualification :- M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Email :-

Academic Program

The academic programs and teaching profile of the department are designed to gratify diverse needs of the student community. Whether it is for a doctoral student seeking knowledge at the forefront of modern research, or a master student seeking to establish the fundamentals, the Chemistry department offers suitable courses and programs to meet the needs. The department offers Master and Doctoral program along the lines of the premier academic institutions of the nation.

Master of Science

The department currently offer M.Sc. Chemistry with specialization in organic chemistry and analytical chemistry. The program is blended with various courses of basic and applied chemistry.

Doctoral Program

The doctoral program of the department is aimed to produce skill and regional needs required for industrial and socials upliftment. The students for this program are admitted via either nation/state-wide qualifying examinations or through Ph.D. Entrance Test.

Courses Offered

1. Inorganic Chemistry.

2. Organic Chemistry.

3. Physical Chemistry.

4. Analytical Chemistry.

5. Stereochemistry.

6. Medicinal Chemistry.

7. Heterocycle chemistry .

8. Advance Organic Chemistry.

9. Separation technique.

10. Modern analytical technique.

11. Regulatory Affairs.

12. Pharmaceutical Documentation.

13. Intellectual property right.

Field of Research

1. Analytical Method Development and Validation.

2. Impurity Profiling of API’s.

3. Dissolution studies of API’s.

4. Chemistry of Natural Products.

5. Target Based Anticancer Drug Design and Synthesis.

6. Drug Design Based on Privileged Scaffolds .

7. Synthetic Methodology.

8. Solution Chemistry.

9. Organometallics.

10. Metal Complexes and Physical characterization.